U.S. Green Card

The U.S. Green Card is a permanent residency visa that gives the following rights

  • Enter and leave the United States at any time.

  • Stay permanently in the United States

  • Work in the United States

  • Start your own business in the United States

  • Eligible to sponsor your spouse and unmarried children under 21 to obtain the Green Card

  • Eligible for U.S. Citizenship Eligible for Social Security benefits when you retire

  • Eligible for Social Security benefits when you retire

  • Eligible to apply for government-sponsored financial aid for education

About Us

Iconic Destination In The City Of Irving For New And Upcoming It Companies. A Relevant Choice For Future And Ambitious Tenants That Seek An Innovative, Relevant And Flexible Space.


The building is placed strategically placed to take advantage of sight lines upon entry. When visitors and employees arrive, the image of the main entry is the first point of contact and are guided to smaller footprint parking lots either to the North of the South. Placing the building mid-way in the site promotes better walkability to each of the parking areas, while allowing greater visibility from all sides of the site.


The challenge was to create a solution that is equally efficient as it is aesthetically memorable. Environmental exposure to the harsh East and West sun played a major factor in the fenestration and development of the facade, and wherever possible the integration of full height glass to accentuate tenant amenities or the Main Entry

Irving IT Park

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